Artist Research: Maleonn Ma.

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Uncategorized


Maleonn Ma lives and works in Shanghai, China. He started out as a film director and then became a photographer. He uses the skills he learnt in film studies to better his photography. He also uses painting, installation and sculpture to highen and improve his final photo. He studied painting in the arts. I really like the photograph above as it uses all four art forms and makes a wonderful outcome, it’s called “What Is Love” and was made in 2009. The photo is part of a series called “A Departure Of Reality 3”. I love the use of lighting from the candles and light streaks. The use of wax for the head and the candle being so close, I believe it shows how tender and delicate love really us and once its burnt it will never return back to its original form.  He uses a lot of his friends and co-workers in his portraits because he says “I never had the money for a model and working with my friends is more fun and interesting anyway.” In his artwork he says he tries to portray Chinese youth through poetic photography. I believe looking at his photos that he has achieved that, and very well. Maleonn Na is in Swansea, Wales this September as an artist/photographer included in an exhibition called “Lets See What Happens”, which also includes Welsh and other Chinese artists. I suggest anybody reading this in Swansea or the surrounding area definitely go and look at his work in the Mission Gallery.


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