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Censorship within photography.

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Censorship within photography is a funny thing, you could have an amazing image and then be told you cant use it due to many reasons. Christian Lutz was banned in court from showing a book of images called “In Jesus’ Name”, he fought back by holding an exhibition about political power getting back at the courts for censoring his previous artistic book. He spoke about the law and how because he isnt as rich as the church he’d loose in court, so he decided to “fight on the creative battlefield.” He cut or covered the faces of the models that he wasnt aloud to show, he used black bars to cover faces and filled bars with text explaining the insane views of the church and how they where amazingly wrong. I think this shows the over awareness within today’s society and how its become alot harder to photograph certain images and people without being considered “weird”. Such as children that ain’t your own.


Markets are full of Photographic chances and opportunities thanks to the colourful array of produce and people passing through them, However, they can also be a little or a lot daunting especially in a new or different location but if you remember a few simple steps you should have no problems, these include.

  • Always ask to take close-up portraits, but if they so “no” then don’t ask again.
  • Don’t get in the way of those running a business, their more likely to invite you back of they know your fine and capable to work around.
  • Always be POLITE, they don’t have to give permission and your in Their place of work.

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Go follow @little lulu she has some awesome photography and writings.

Class today.

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Today in class we spoke about our blogs and how it isnt about us showing our work more than its about expressing how we feel about other artists work.

Awesome website I found.

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For all those who like using photoshop, have a look at this great webpage.
Let me know what you all think.

abandoned Beauty

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abandoned Beauty

The photograph above shows an abandoned building in between two “Perfect-American” homes , many people within society would look at both the image and the house its self and think it was morbid and feel it needs to be torn done so not to ruin the “picture-perfect-image”, I on the other hand very much disagree with this. I think its beautiful, I see only perfection within its imperfection. I will always choose the old and “imperfect” other the “new and improved”.

S.Salgado is a Brazilian social documentary photographer and photojournalist, he’s my favourite photographer and I find all his work holds a lot a mean, truth and culture You can feel the emotions in both photographs below and its the same in each of his photos weather he staged them or there naturel. He photographs world tragedies such as the oil leek, attack on the natives and the water shortage in Africa. (photos below)