Censorship within photography.

Posted: December 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

Censorship within photography is a funny thing, you could have an amazing image and then be told you cant use it due to many reasons. Christian Lutz was banned in court from showing a book of images called “In Jesus’ Name”, he fought back by holding an exhibition about political power getting back at the courts for censoring his previous artistic book. He spoke about the law and how because he isnt as rich as the church he’d loose in court, so he decided to “fight on the creative battlefield.” He cut or covered the faces of the models that he wasnt aloud to show, he used black bars to cover faces and filled bars with text explaining the insane views of the church and how they where amazingly wrong. I think this shows the over awareness within today’s society and how its become alot harder to photograph certain images and people without being considered “weird”. Such as children that ain’t your own.


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