Elysium Gallery:Gordon Gordon

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

Elysium Gallery:Gordon Gordon


Gordon Gorgon is an exhibition of nine artists all currently studying Fine Art in their second year at University of Wales Trinity St. David, Swansea. The work on show will offer an exciting glimpse of emerging artists progress as they reach the mid-point of their degrees.

Abigail Littlewoods work explores decay amongst organic forms (seen in the Pineapple photograph above), using time-based mediums to highlight the process which would normally go unnoticed. The nature of the medium used often captures the physical state of the subject in its decayed form.

Catherine Williams (Juxtaposition in rural and city areas) Her work stems from her sense of belonging. She has explored maps and textured material and has moved onto photography and site specific work.

Dan Edwards ink pen illustrations take the form of social commentary, utilizing a range of broad socio contexts. Edwards adopts a critical stance on the subject of post-modernism, bringing to the forefront of our minds the impact and influence cultural channels have on forming our personal identities.

Jax Robinson seeks to explore, through ink, paint and varnish, the space between seashores and abstraction. The fluidity of pouring and controlling these mediums reflect the ocean – with layers being deposited and stripped away to create a surface that explores both texture and scale.

Ryan Courtier is fascinated with the notions of paradise on earth, Courtier utilizers every available media exploring sense of existence. Focusing on the loss of Universal beauty in a world of confusion, open-endedness is a visual element in Courtiers work allowing unexpected encounters to naturally occur.

Kat Ridgway’s recent work encompasses nostalgia, reflection, narrative, sentiment and mortality, using portraiture as a vehicle of exploration. A connection between the artist and a grave in Llanelli, has been an organic source of inspiration. Mary Morgan died December 21st 1873 aged 26. She out lived six of her children who are all buried with her.


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