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This is a link to a site full of odd and wounderful images, the best ive seen on the web in a while, none of which the images are photoshoped which i believe adds to the interest.

I know it doesnt relate to my current personal work update on this blog but its something i couldnt miss sharing amounst the few that read this. 🙂

Please Enjoy!!


Photoshop Tips & Tricks.

Posted: May 9, 2014 in Uncategorized <——— this is an awesome site for anyone wanting to build their photoshop/editing skills. all tips are written in easy to understand sentences for those that dont know or cant understand (like myself) the tech lingo!! Enjoy

Dekota King.

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Dekota King.

I definitely had to share this photograph with you from an amazing and upcoming artist/photographer, Dekota King. She photographs things from MMA (What is MMA? Have him spell that out) fights, landscapes and anything that captures her eyes. Her website is called Red Light Photography (www………com) which is currently under construction and should be up and running within a week. Visit her website, enjoy it and make an appointment for photos of your events or photography session.

Shes located in Maryland, USA.

‘The Mother Project.’
Born in Atlanta, GA, Tierney Gearon is an acclaimed Los Angeles based contemporary photographer, who has gained both critical and commercial recognition for her powerful and intense colorful photographs. praise for her powerful and haunting images did not come to art through traditional means. Her life goal was always to be a mother. After being a model and commercial photographer for years, her marriage dissolved. She then turned her camera on her family. Through those images she acquired on different family trips around the world she was discovered by Charles Saatchi. She was thrust into the spot light in 2001 when her work was featured as one of the main photographers in the famed “I Am A Camera” exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London. Her work became an overnight sensation when images of he children came under public scrutiny. Since her controversial debut, Gearon has been pushing the envelope of contemporary photography. “The Mother Project” and “Daddy, Where are you” both give the viewer an intimate look into Tierney’s relationship with her mentally ill mother, not only capturing the raw intensity but also celebrates her free spirit. In 2009, Gearon pushed her photography to a new zenith, double exposing film inside of the camera to produce groundbreaking chance narratives in her work titled “EXPLOSURE”. Tierney has been exhibited at many prominent galleries and museums including, Gagosian Gallery, Yossi Milo, Ace Gallery, The Parrish Art Museum, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, and Phillips de Pury & company in London. Her most recent project, a 24 page feature of 13 Oscar Award winning woman titled “Hollywood Heroines”, was featured in the New York Times magazine. She will be previewing a new collection of works titled “Shape Color” at Paris Photo Los Angeles Photography Art fair at the end of April 2013. Damiani is publishing a book of Tierney Gearon’s children’s photography titled ” the alphabet book ” coming in the Fall of 2013.

Paul Reas is one of the most significant photographers to emerge from the new wave of British colour documentary of the mid-1980s. Spanning thirty years from Thatcherite Britain to today’s recession, and encompassing themes of class, consumption, work and leisure, this is the international premiere of Reas’ first major retrospective. Paul Reas is part of the pioneering generation of photographers who revealed and critiqued British class and culture in the 1980s and 90s. Strongly influenced by his working class upbringing in Bradford, Reas used humour and sharp observation to comment on a new corporate and commercial world epitomised by heritage industry sites, retail parks, and supermarkets. <—— site including information about the artist.
This is an amazing website that shows the top ten nightlife photographers within America. I suggest, even if you don’t photograph nightclubs etc this is definitely something to look at.